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STEM Curriculum

Imagine, instruct, and inspire

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Teach Them Today. They’ll Handle Tomorrow.

Fuel a cultural shift around STEM teaching and learning with a variety of powerful and engaging STEM curriculum from Discovery Education. Give teachers the tools they need to become effective STEM educators as students gain valuable critical thinking skills for evaluating the world around them. Our STEM program for kids inspires students to activate their inner explorers and propel them to success in college, careers, citizenship, and beyond.

Core and Supplemental STEM Curriculum

Discovery Education offers a comprehensive STEM curriculum with a suite of digital STEM resources and professional learning to support K-12 administrators, teachers, and students. Programs like Discovery Education Experience, Science Techbook, STEM Careers Coalition help foster hands-on, minds-in learning and provide flexible implementation across your school system—from core STEM curriculum and electives to STEM camps and clubs.
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Professional Learning for STEM

Discovery Education is dedicated to building partnerships that take students from kindergarten to careers with our STEM curriculums for elementary, middle, and high school. Embedded teacher notes, strategies, and interactive courses within our resources get educators started with STEM right away, while tailored professional learning opportunities help define the STEM program for your school or district. We offer leaders and teachers expert support in creating and implementing problem-driven, interdisciplinary experiences to continuously engage all learners and prepare them for the future.

Student Engagement Programs

We partner with like-minded organizations around the world to create a broad range of free classroom and family learning resources that connect students, teachers, and families to STEM education. Engaging initiatives like the Student Video Challenge and the Young Scientist Challenge are STEM programs for kids that give students across America a platform to grow and demonstrate their skills and extend them to the real world.

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Discovery Education Experience

Experience offers over 200,000 standards-aligned resources, useful teaching + assessment tools, and professional learning strategies to support teachers and encourage students to dive deeper into STEM education. Anytime, anywhere accessibility and curated collections of STEM-themed content—such as Outrageous Acts of Science, STEM Careers, Street Science, and Girls Get STEM—make learning both relevant and exciting while helping educators engage all students in STEM programs, in and out of the classroom.

Discovery Education empowers K–12 teachers and students with award-winning curricular resources and a learning platform that supports all learners in any environment.

Join millions of educators aimed at preparing students for tomorrow through innovative classrooms and real-world experiences.