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Welcome, Courageous Leaders

A Leadership Learning Community Dedicated to Making a Lasting Impact

Connecting Education Leaders to Their Greatest Resource: Each Other

Courageous Leaders is a vibrant group of forward-thinking individuals dedicated to shaping the future of learning. Courageous Leaders will come together to share insights, exchange best practices, and spark meaningful discussions that push the boundaries of education. They collaborate with one another, drawing upon their collective wisdom and experiences to develop innovative solutions to complex educational issues.

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What We Do

We invite statewide and district education leaders across the country to come together to interact, collaborate and learn from each other. Courageous Leaders will convene panels at industry conferences, in-person networking events, and virtual learning opportunities.


Hear multiple perspectives on a wide range of topics from top education leaders.

Coffee Chats

Collaborate with other leaders on trending topics in education.

In-Person Networking

Meet fellow leaders at industry conferences across the country.

On-Demand Content

Find inspiration from fellow leaders at any time.

Meet Our Industry Advisors

Brown Luvelle

Dr. Luvelle Brown

Superintendent, Ithaca City Schools, NY

"We cannot afford to check out. We have to have passion for this work. It is our roles as leaders to do what is right for our students and our communities."


Dr. Christina Kishimoto

Founder & CEO, Voice4Equity

"We should be perpetually uncomfortable in leadership in order to do the important and hard work.”

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