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Our content, tools, and resources are designed to integrate into your daily classroom.

Ensure the continuity of teaching and learning, in any environment.

Simple, Safe Access Methods

Discovery Education is a web application with four primary authentication methods designed for flexible, secure access.

integrations icon direct logins

Direct Log In

Sign in through the Discovery Education website using a username and password.

integrations icon sso logins

Single Sign On

Access Discovery Education through a trusted SSO provider, like Google, Clever, Microsoft, and ClassLink.

integrations icon lti authentication

LTI Authentication

Access Discovery Education through an LTI authentication from a Learning Management System or platform.

integrations qr code

QR Code

Students access Discovery Education using a teacher-generated, unique QR code.

Integration into Your Classroom Workflows

 Our content, resources, and tools easily blend into your daily routine and work well with other systems for a more unified classroom experience.

integrations icon user data management


By connecting directly to the most popular systems, Discovery Education makes it easy to import users and class rosters, streamlining set-up and aligning data.

integrations icon search and embed

Search and Embed

Search for and embed Discovery Education resources into posts and assignments directly within a variety of learning platforms.

integrations icon assessment data

Assessment Data

Embed Discovery Education assessments within Learning Management Systems, connecting the data and results back to the LMS.

integrations icon share and assign

Share and Assign

Share and assign Discovery Education content resources through various external systems and social media platforms.

Discovery Education Integrations

We connect to the most widely used systems and support a variety of integration standards, making it easier than ever to access and manage data, content, resources, and tools.


Access Discovery Education from Brightspace (SSO) and embed resources and assessments.


Access Discovery Education from Canvas (SSO) and embed resources and assessments.


Access Discovery Education from ClassLink (SSO) and manage user and class data via OneRoster.


Access Discovery Education from Clever (SSO) and manage user and class data.


Access Discovery Education with district Google/Google Apps accounts (SSO) and manage user and class data with Google user provisioning.

Google Classroom

Embed Discovery Education resources in Google Classroom assignments, questions, or announcements.

Infinite Campus

Access Discovery Education from Infinite Campus (SSO) and embed resources and assessments.

Microsoft Teams

Access Discovery Education from Teams and embed resources in your classroom space.


Access Discovery Education from the NCEdCloud IAM Service portal (SSO).


Access Discovery Education using SAML or ADFS (SSO).


Access Discovery Education from Schoology (SSO) and embed resources and assessments.